Cloud Engineer


NextGen are looking for new talents within Cloud and infrastructure.

Are you NextGen’s new IT-Talent within cloud? We are currently looking for new talents with a few years of experience, either part time or full time. Are you ready to deliver innovative outcomes of technology and work with technology architecture?


Well.. Then have a look below!

We are looking for the right candidates who want’s to take the career to next level..


Do you have technical skills within software development, such as c++, Java, Python, SQL and are you interested in working with cloud computing?


We are looking persons who has a personal drive and are able to be part of driving projects, have team spirit, as well as being able to work individually. We are looking for new talents who enjoy working with, and has experience with, databases such as SQL, as well as knowledge within cloud computing, AWS, and HPS.


Can you impress us? 

Preferably competences and experience within areas such as:

  • Master’s degree within IT
  • Cloud computing
  • Infrastructure
  • Technologies such as SQL, Linux, Java, Python, C++
  • HPC, AWS
  • Spark
  • Knowlegde within DevOps
  • You are good at time management, great collaborative skills and interpersonal skills
  • Have a master’s degree within IT or similar
  • Love working with IT, as all our NextGen talents are passionate – and has a passion for working with cloud and architecture
  • Personal drive and want to excel your career through learning and development during the position
  • Team spirit as well as being able to work individually
  • Fast learner and problem-solving skills

Can we impress you? 

  • Development of your career 
  • Get a personal NextGen agent 
  • You will be part of a team of ambitious and dedicated colleagues who are skilled within IT and cloud computing
  • Competitive wage package 
  • Career development during the position
The position: 

You will be employed by EPICO NextGen, but you will be located at the company of which your specific position are. For that reason, you will be a part of two companies. You will belong to the company’s team, and be an integral part of the company on a daily basis, as well as having a connection to EPICO NextGen. You will be assigned a personal agent from EPICO NextGen throughout the job process, as well as during your employment with our client, the company. The personal NextGen agent is your main contact point i terms of your job, sickness, payment etc.



NextGen is always looking for new career opportunities for its employees, and your personal agent will, together with you, look at how your career development could be outlined in the best possible way. At NextGen it is possible to be hired at different job opportunities at different organizations with a variety of length. You will therefore have the opportunity to characterize the direction of your career.



We regularly call for interviews (online or in person), so don’t hesitate to send us your CV. 

Please send us your CV in which it is clearly outlined why you find yourself to be qualified for the position.  

You can apply for the position with your CV and other relevant document at our Job portal  


More info 

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About EPICO NextGen

EPICO NEXTGEN is a part of the company EPICO-IT A/S. The company has more than 10 years of experience within the IT industry. EPICO Group has offices in the North and Europe, as well as +600 IT consultants on contract. We are therefore among the three largest IT consultancies in Denmark, and we were awarded the Børsen Gazelle Prize in 2015 and 2016. EPICO NextGen was established in 2016 with its focus on IT-talent with 0-5 year’s of experience. NextGen is building bridge between next generation IT-talents and unique positions among several companies globally.

At NextGen, we are interested in who you are, and what you are interested in working with, as well as your career development. On the basis of that, we will try to find a job match for you.


As an employee at NextGen, you get a personal agent who helps you with your career development and well-being at your job.


At EPICO-IT A/S, we strive for a healthy and diverse work environment. We are committed to provide equal opportunities, and we do not discriminate on the basis of age, gender identity, race, national or social origin, property, economic or social status, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, mental or physical ability, political beliefs, and other opinions or orientations. We accept every individuals differences to enable all employees’ full potential, and we encourage all qualified applicants to apply for the position.

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