Learn about data processing with Azure Cloud

Why is cloud technology important, what is Azure Cloud, how does it work?

Date: Tuesday, 23rd of March 2021
Time: 3.30 – 4.30 PM Copenhagen
Price: Free

The webinar was held March 23rd – see the recording here:

How to get started with Cloud technology by using Azure Cloud

With EPICO-IT, Azure Cloud expert at Microsoft, Jan Cordtz, will zoom in on what Azure Cloud is, what you can use it for, and why it is important for an organization. 
Regardless of which industry or company you operate in, we are sure that learning more about Azure Cloud is worth your time.  


What is cloud and cloud computing

It is a large data center via the internetMany of the things we use every day can only be done using a cloud-based approach. When we use emails through browsers, make backup, use social media and even online shopping; they are all based on a cloud solution. 

The cloud can therefore help you handle large amounts of data, but also be helpful with the infrastructure, productivity, data analysis and much more. Thus, the cloud is a central solution for several elements that can be handled in the ‘cloud’.

Using a cloud solution, you can store applications and data in the cloud instead of having to store it on your computer or mobile. In that way, you can handle far greater amounts of data and gather all the data, apps, and devices from different locations and access them all through an internet connection. 


What exactly is Azure Cloud? 

In short, it’s a platform from Microsoft with an ever-expanding set of services that can help you build solutions to meet your business goals. So, instead of physically buying a large computer to store data etc., you can keep all that safe in the cloud and expand however you see fit. 


Why you should join our webinar!

During this webinar we will discuss how businesses might achieve their goals, by using the cloud. It is often beneficial for companies to use a cloud-solution, as the solution can help achieve lower costs, provides easier access to data and apps and offers greater reliability. 

Together with Jan Cordtz we will introduce you to Azure Cloud and: 

  • What Azure Cloud is – and why computing in the cloud is different
  • How you can use/benefit from Azure Cloud
  • Why Azure Cloud is important within modern IT
  • How to get started
  • Present case examples of Danish companies using Azure Cloud solutions

In addition, Jan Cordtz will present some of the most commonly used features such as: 

  • Simple web hosting services
  • Remote storage
  • Database hosting
  • Centralized account management

Jan Cordtz will also introduce you to some of the new offers and capabilities Azure Cloud has, such as: 

  • AI
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

We will be focusing on the elements in Azure and the benefits – both economically speaking as well as development-wise, as well as the governance that a cloud platform provides.

About the speaker

Jan Cordtz has worked within the IT industry for more than 30 years, and originally, he worked with Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse. Jan began his journey at Microsoft 5 years ago, where he mostly worked within the field of Big Data, and today he works exclusively with Microsoft Azure and Cloud technologies. If you ask Jan, he would, describe himself as a “data and Open Source-kind-of-guy”.

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Practical info

Date: Tuesday, 23rd of March 2021

Time: 3.30 – 4.30 PM (40 min + Q&A’s)
Price: This webinar is free
Place: Online via Microsoft Teams
Language: English
Who can partipate? Everyone

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